There are many uses for wood pellets in the oil fields. They are very absorbent and can be used for all types of clean up.

​The fuel pellets are of the highest quality you can find. They are certified with the PFI.

Majestic Valley Pellet Mill

    Alamosa, Colorado

Announcing Our Newest Partnership 

Pellets Stoves

​ ​We Represent Black Hills Gold pellets from The Spearfish Mill  PFI Certified Pellets

Livestock Bedding

David Mancinelli   303-881-4464 (cell)    720-223-5750 (fax) 

Livestock Bedding come in 40 lb  bags. There are 60 - 40 lb. bags per pallet.

We have recently joined forces with Majestic Valley Pellet Mill in Alamos Co.  There are several reasons we are so excited about this partnership but the main reason is the mill is building a very high quality pellet that will burn nice in your stove and not cause you any problems. They are a small mill so this allows us to be able to give you the best customer service.  We can work one on one with you so you get the product you need. Call for pricing !!!

Tax Break !! 

Offer for using pellets stoves

We offer pellets that are certified by the Pellet Fuel Institute - this gives you a higher quality pellet every time.

"The Pellet Guy"

Oil Flied Pellets

Using pellets for your livestock will save you time and money !!!

We Can Help You With All Your Pellet Needs.

Pallets have weather cover, pallet cover, stretch wrap to protect them from the weather and transporting.